Shahbaz Gul's assistant registered a case of resisting the police

Aug 11, 2022 - 16:19
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Shahbaz Gul's assistant registered a case of resisting the police

ISLAMABAD: An FIR has been registered for PTI leader Shehbaz Gul's assistant resisting the police over his statement.

A case has been registered against the accused Shehbaz in the Abpara police station, in which it is alleged that he tore the shirt of a police constable and also snatched a police constable's mobile phone and wallet. Earlier, the team of Kohsar police station had raided his house.

On the other hand, the Islamabad Police has said in the ongoing statement regarding the raid on the house of Shahbaz Gul's assistant and the arrest from there that the raid and arrest of Shahbaz Gul's driver's house is legal. The driver's family put up practical resistance in the car, however, the Islamabad Capital Police is collecting all the evidence related to the case.

The statement said that wherever legal action is required, the police will do its work and if necessary, the scope of the case can be extended to other provinces besides Islamabad. Legal action will be taken against those who are found involved in concealing evidence or erasing evidence. The statement appealed to the public not to pay attention to fake news. Action will also be taken against those who are spreading false news and agitation among the people. Islamabad Capital Police will ensure enforcement of the law.

Earlier, PTI's lawyer Faisal Choudhary Advocate had said that an application will be filed in the court against the night raid at Shahbaz Gul's assistant's house and the alleged arrest of his wife.

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